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  • Can I insert a video in my FAQ?
    Yes! Users can add video from YouTube or Vimeo with ease: Enter App Settings Click the "Manage Questions" button Click on the question you would like to attach a video to When editing your answer, click on the video icon and then paste the YouTube or Vimeo video URL That's it! A thumbnail of your video will appear in answer text box
  • How do I edit or remove the "FAQ title"?"
    The FAQ title can be adjusted in the settings tab of the App Settings. You can also remove the title by unchecking its checkbox in the settings tab.
  • How do you play Flingball?
    See our Official Rules Page. This will explain how the game is played.
  • What is Flingball?
    So what is Flingball? It’s America’s new backyard game! Think of all of your favorite games you’ve played in the past – Horse Shoes, Corn Hole, Lawn Darts, Bocce, Croquet, Skee-Ball, etc. For some reason, we human beings like to play games. Especially games that involve a small ball or other object and a place to put it. We pursue perfection and like to be accurate! We have a long history of coming up with these games and many have become huge spectator events and countries pride themselves in competing in them. Flingball is a new game of skill and precision and fun for all ages. There is no other game like it as you will see. We hope you enjoy playing!
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